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Reframe Your Approach to Peace

I’ll never forget the wonder I experienced during my 3-6 training when learning about Montessori education as a means of creating world peace.  The idea…

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Are You a Montessori Mentor?

After 28 years in Montessori, in which I have held nearly every type of position, including assistant, lead guide, mentor, school administrator, teacher trainer, and…

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Who We Are

Tammy and Aaron Oesting are intrepid world travelers whose interest in learning and education has sent them on a lifelong journey into optimizing the education process.

Tammy has held positions at every level within Montessori schools and is certified to teach 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 students. She is a teacher educator and advisor for multiple training centers, an accomplished public speaker who delivers lectures, workshops, and keynote addresses globally, and a practiced consultant who advises schools and training centers around the world.

Aaron is a librarian with a background in technology who has held a variety of roles in the information and technology realm, including reference librarian, library technology administrator and web developer, and manager of two branches of one of the busiest library systems in the United States.

Together, they run ClassrooMechanics, a Montessori professional development company. Their mission is to increase the impact of and to spread this effective educational method through coaching, training and advising staff, parents, and schools.