Testimonials of the inspirational “genesis” course, the live brick-and-mortar Assistant Training Course taught by Tammy Oesting and Juliana Fitts:

When assisting in a Montessori classroom, training is crucial.  An assistant needs to know about Montessori philosophy and how the materials work in general.  Overview the classroom is a “key” in order to support the lead teacher to give the lessons.  Tammy and Juliana deliver comprehensive and engaging training to assistants: the people that can make Montessori classrooms high functioning.  As an assistant, I enjoyed observing all those little ones working with such concentration!

Veronica, trained Assistant, current LE Teacher

As a professional team, Tammy and Juliana support each other like a well-matched game of tennis, lobbing pointed instruction that insured my success as a Montessori Assistant. Since taking their training I was inspired and went on to complete my elementary training.  I have been both a lead and a co-teacher in Montessori environments. To this day, I honor the Montessori principles that I learned from their Assistant Training program.

David, trained Assistant, current UE Teacher

Tammy and Juliana are a dynamic duo that deeply embrace Montessori methodology.  They are nothing short of infectious! As instructors their teaching method is instrumental, thoughtful, captivating, and thorough in both their approach and instruction. To this day one of my favorite years in my classroom was teaching with an assistant/intern that took Tammy and Juliana’s Assistant Training.

Julie, AMS certified 3-6, 6-9 current LE Teacher