Montessori Assistant Toolkit


The Assistant Training Course is a self-paced, online class that instructs Assistant Teachers in a variety of methods that will help optimize the functioning of a Montessori classroom.

Product Description

The Montessori Assistant Toolkit is a targeted collection of workshops that gives the assistant all the needed skills to support teachers and children in the early childhood and early elementary classrooms (2.5-9 years old).

Each Lesson consists of topics and assessments using innovative features, summary assessments, and hands-on assignments in a toolkit workbook. Work through them at your own pace; however, we suggest you work through the eight lessons and their follow-up exercises that further your learning over eight weeks to maximize your understanding.

Toolkit Contents

  • Toolkit Navigation
  • Principles of Optimal Learning Workshop
  • Montessori Philosophy Workshop
  • Human Development Theory Workshop
  • Observation: The Keystone Skill Workshop
  • Optimize Interactions with Children Workshop
  • The Prepared Environment Workshop
  • The Prepared Adult Workshop

Toolkit Story