Montessori Assistant Toolkit – Early Childhood Edition


The Montessori Assistant Toolkit – Early Childhood Edition is a targeted collection of seven of our workshops that gives a classroom assistant new to Montessori all the needed skills to support teachers and children in early childhood Montessori classrooms (3-6 years old).


Number of Assistants Price/Seat Discount
1-2 $195/ea Standard Price
3-12 $180/ea $15 off or 7.5%
13-25 $150/ea $45 off or 23%
26-50 $130/ea $65 off or 33%
Site License Package: With the purchase of 6 or more seats, there is an option to ADD a site license package. The site license package costs $350 and is added to the cost of the individual seats for the number of staff members taking the class. The package includes group viewing rights, bonus administrator’s seat, group monitoring capability, “flex” seats, and more. For additional information about the Site License package, email us from our Contact Us page.

If you purchase more than 1 toolkit, we will contact you within 48 hours to get registration information for everyone taking the course.



The Montessori Assistant Toolkit-Early Childhood Edition is a targeted collection of seven lessons that gives a classroom assistant new to Montessori all the needed skills to support teachers and children in early childhood and early elementary Montessori classrooms (3-6 years old).


Each of the seven lessons consists of a series of topics that cover key concepts necessary to understand and work in a Montessori Classroom. They utilize innovative features, multimedia content, summary assessments, and hands-on assignments in a workbook. Participants work through the lessons at their own pace; however, we suggest they complete them and the follow-up exercises over a period of seven weeks (one per week) to maximize their understanding. This pace is also easy to fit into any schedule as it is not a significant impact on a person’s time.


In addition to the 7 lessons designed for classroom assistants, we throw in a bonus workshop for teachers titled Supporting Classroom Assistants.  It provides lead guides with tips and strategies for working more effectively with their classroom assistant. It is designed to provide the leader of a Montessori learning environment with the insights and skills needed to make the best use of their assistants and raise the performance of the whole classroom.


Though aimed at classroom assistants, this course is also ideal for any adult new to Montessori, including board members, volunteers, parents, and others needing an overview of a functioning of a Montessori classroom. For more detailed information on the contents of the course, sample content, and included bonus materials, please visit the Montessori Assistant Toolkit page.


Watch the video below to hear the Montessori Assistant Toolkit’s story.


Toolkit Contents

  • Principles of Optimal Learning
  • Montessori Philosophy
  • Child Development
  • Observation: The Keystone Skill
  • The Prepared Environment
  • The Wonder of the Child
  • The Prepared Adult


Bonus Workshop for the Lead Guide

  • Supporting Classroom Assistants Workshop


Course Materials

Here are the items you will need to take the workshop:

  • A Device (computer, tablet or smart phone) with up-to-date browser software
  • An Internet connection that can support watching videos (for example YouTube)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • The ability to download & print a .pdf workbook
    (A link is available in your purchase confirmation email or in the first lesson)
  • Downloaded .pdf files of additional course worksheets (printed out is helpful but not essential)


Toolkit Solution