Montessori Teacher Infographic Packet


The Montessori Teachers Infographic Packet is a set of graphic handouts that provide high-impact visual displays of important teaching and interaction tools for use in the classroom.

NOTE: The Packet contains 8 high quality PDF files for you to print + 5 Bonus files.  For best results, use card stock weight paper.

For more information, including tips for use and to see examples of the infographics, visit the Professional Development Infographics Landing Page.



Teacher Packet Contents

  • 5 Steps to Respectfully Redirect Children

  • Montessori Documentation Cycle

  • Montessori Spiral Curriculum

  • 10 Positive Guidance Phrases to Try with Your Students

  • Anatomy of an Ideal Lesson

  • Tips to Support your Montessori Assistant

  • 8 Principles of Optimal Learning

  • 8 Tips for Effective Family Communication

Bonus Infographics

  • 5 Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job

  • 5 Alternatives to Saying Good Job

  • Using Infograpics Tip#1

  • Using Infograpics Tip#2

  • Using Infograpics Tip#3