Optimize Interactions with Children-Group


The Optimize Interactions with Children Workshop-Group is a online class that teaches the best methods of engaging with children to foster a highly effective learning environment. If you purchase more than 1 workshop, we will contact you within 48 hours to get registration information for everyone taking the course.

This Group License is intended for taking the course with an entire staff, as might happen on an in-service day.  Purchase only ONE site license for up to 25 Certificates of Completion.



This workshop instructs participants in child behavior and how to best help children learn to manage themselves through self-regulation. It provides a number of tips and strategies for guiding children in positive ways that respect the child and help normalize the classroom environment. See the listing of course contents below. By gaining an understanding of positive approaches to child interactions, workshop participants will be able to effectively meet the challenges of the Montessori classroom.

Each lesson in the workshop consists of a topic and a hands-on assignment in the accompanying user manual. When working together as a group, the exercises make excellent conversation prompts to help you learn these valuable skills.

Watch the informational overview video below to get a glimpse of the course content and see the list of topics covered below.

Workshop Contents

  • Blueprint for Learning
  • Normalization
  • Root Causes of Behavior
  • The Role of the Adult
  • Child Guidance
  • Supporting Independence
  • Dr. Montessori’s Decalogue
  • Course Summary and Takeaway Skills

Total Run Time: 1h 59m 9s

Course Materials

Here are the items you will need to take the workshop:

  • A Device (computer, tablet or smart phone) with up-to-date browser software
  • An Internet connection that can support watching videos (for example YouTube)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Timer
  • The ability to download & print a .pdf workbook
    (A link is available in your purchase confirmation email or in the first lesson)
  • Downloaded .pdf files of additional course worksheets (printed out is helpful but not essential)

Workshop Preview