Principles of Optimal Learning Workshop


The Principles of Optimal Learning Workshop is a self-paced, online class that familiarizes the learner with the elements that make up a highly effective learning environment. If you purchase more than 1 workshop, we will contact you within 48 hours to get registration information for everyone taking the course.



This workshop familiarizes the learner with the psychological and physical principles that make for optimal learning. Participants will learn about the importance of movement to brain development, the natural appeal of control and order, the secrets of motivation, the role that curiosity and relevance play in a child’s innate drive to learn, and how student collaboration can contribute to learning outcomes. When they are all used together in the service of learning as they are in the Montessori method, it makes for a highly effective learning process. After completing the course, participants will be familiar with the ingredients they need to make sure are present in the classroom operations for optimal learning.

Each lesson in the workshop consists of a topic and a hands-on assignment in the accompanying user manual. Work through them at your own pace any time of the day or night.  To maximize your learning, however, we suggest you spread out the lessons over the course of a week or more so that you can spend time focusing on your new understanding from each topic in the classroom the next day.

Watch the preview to get a glimpse of the course content and see the list of topics covered below.

Workshop Contents

  • Blueprint for Learning
  • The Importance of Movement
  • Control and Order
  • Interest and Context
  • Motivation
  • Student Collaboration
  • Adult/Child Interactions
  • Course Summary and Takeaway Skills

Total Video Run Time: 1h 15m 10s

Course Materials

Here are the items you will need to take the workshop:

  • A Device (computer, tablet or smart phone) with up-to-date browser software
  • An Internet connection that can support watching videos (for example YouTube)
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Timer
  • The ability to download & print a .pdf workbook
    (A link is available in your purchase confirmation email or in the first lesson)
  • Downloaded .pdf files of additional course worksheets (printed out is helpful but not essential)

Workshop Preview