With a strong foundation of human development, Montessori philosophy and practice, and the science behind optimal learning environments, ClassrooMechanics provides a variety of professional development avenues that lead to smoothly-run Montessori classrooms.  From Montessori 101 for new parents to support staff learning child guidance tools to administrative consulting, our instructor’s years of experience providing teacher training and working at all levels of Montessori learning environments can optimize the learning in your school’s classrooms.

To better deliver this critical training to a much broader audience, Montessori teacher trainer Tammy Oesting, with the help of her husband Aaron Oesting founded ClassrooMechanics, LLC .

In 2020, Tammy and Aaron continue their efforts to transform education with online instruction, consulting, and advising with Montessori communities.

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Our Team

Tammy Oesting

ClassrooMechanics coFounder, Instructor, Consultant

AMS certified 3-6, E1-2 with 17 years in the classroom
Former Director of Education, Montessori Children’s House
Former Instructor & Field Consultant at Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest
Workshop Presenter for 20+ years regionally and nationally
co-Creator of Assistants Training Course

Tammy Oesting’s Biography

Tammy Oesting has spent the last 26 years delivering professional development workshops, consulting schools, and educating new Montessori teachers. Her passions include issues of social justice, educating support staff, life sciences, neuroscience as applied to educational practices, and exploring the magnificence of the world. She is location independent with her husband Aaron and serves Montessori globally through her company ClassrooMechanics and partnership in Principles to Practice.

After stepping foot into her first Montessori Classroom in 1994, Tammy gained her AMS credentials in 3-6 and 6-12 and has worked in most every role in a Montessori community from an assistant to classroom guide to school leadership. These experiences inform her consultation work with individuals, schools, and teacher education programs.

With her current work as a Field Consultant and Instructor for several Montessori training programs, her delivery of workshops and Keynote presentations as a speaker both nationally and globally, and evidenced by her articles published about a variety of topics within the field, Tammy is clearly passionate about Montessori.

In 2019, she was Interim Principal for a new Montessori school in Da Nang, and another in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and she co hosted the first Asian Montessori School Leadership Retreat with attendees from 7 countries.

In 2020, Tammy helped found Montessori Everywhere which celebrated Dr. Montessori’s 150th Birthday reaching 6K+ Montessorians in 121 countries. She also moderates several Montessori Facebook groups including Montessori Leadership (3.8K members), the Montessori Teacher Educators’ Guild, The Diverse Classroom: Cultivating Anti-Bias and Inclusivity, and The Male Montessorian.

In 2021, Tammy is producing and hosting Chip DeLorenzo and Dr. Jane Nelsen’s course Positive Discipline for Montessori Schools and Families. She is currently working towards her Masters of Montessori Integrated Learning through TIES to be completed in March of 2022.

Presentations, Experience, and Articles

Aaron Oesting

ClassrooMechanics coFounder, Chief Tech Guy, Instructor

Masters of Library and Information Sciences
Graduate Leadership Course
Former Cluster Manager of Redmond and Kirkland Public Libraries, King County, WA
Montessori Parent


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