Technology continues to make massive inroads into education, especially now with so many schools going all online or doing blended learning models. The internet provides an amazing amount of educational resources for teachers and students that can be found on our companion curriculum page. ClassrooMechanics believes that were Maria Montessori alive today, she would encourage teachers to take advantage of this amazing learning tool WHERE it is developmentally appropriate and supports the instruction of the “whole” child. The focus of the resources below are the hardware, software, and best practices for their use that make devices excellent tools for generating and delivering lessons and completing assignments. As many have experienced not all technology provides value in the classroom. The information below is from teachers and organizations who have invested time to insure there is significant value added to education and instruction by the hardware or software they are recommending. The important considerations about when age levels should utilize screens and for how long are covered by our companion page on Childhood Health and Safety, which includes recommendations by experts on this subject. As mentioned above, don’t miss our other Online Resources pages that cover areas such as Teaching and Instruction, Childhood Health and Safety, Montessori, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), the Prepared Environment, and Curriculum.

We continue to add resources as we find and review them, so be sure and check the pages often. To see new sites as we add them, visit the ClassrooMechanics Facebook page or better yet, sign up for our newsletter where we feature the new web resources along with other content and information of use to your Montessori practice.

The Blended Learning Universe — or BLU— is a comprehensive online hub packed with blended-learning resources for educators. Whether you’re looking for a primer on the basics or want to dive deep into the supporting research, the BLU has what you seek. Their understanding of blended learning comes from over a decade of research in hundreds of schools in the U.S. and beyond. The site is curated by the Clayton Christensen Institute and offers a wealth of resources, including practical guides, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, and a dynamic directory of blended-learning programs worldwide. The goal for this site is to provide meaningful information and tools for practitioners, policymakers, parents, and innovators — essentially anyone working to improve education through personalized, student-centered learning.

Free Technology for Teachers – A resource sharing web site for teachers using technology in the classroom. The emphasis is on free tools, ideas, and how-to information.

This Common Sense Coding page offers lots of resources, practical tips, and advice to help teachers plan engaging and inclusive coding lessons in their classrooms. Coding can teach students skills that apply across the curriculum, beyond computer science. Learning to code also EMPOWERS students to become producers, not just consumers, of digital media.