What Kinds Of Development Help Do We Provide?

“Tammy’s professionalism when planning with our Administration team has been so appreciated, as she makes simple work of scheduling, identifying goals, planning and then the execution of training and development. The information and resources she provides after her time with us always come quickly after her departure and often include even more than what we were expecting. Tammy has helped us network with other Montessori schools, administrators, and teachers, providing connections that otherwise aren’t available to us due to our rural location.”

“We are so grateful to have had the chance to work with Tammy Oesting over the last two years. Tammy is an extraordinary educational leader. Her warm and encouraging approach, coupled with her extensive experience and deep understanding of Montessori philosophy, has guided our teachers in expanding their practices and having confidence in the ‘why’ behind what we do.”


“Tammy’s charisma paired with immense knowledge enables her to keep control of the room during a workshop or presentation, keeping the attendees engaged and playing off of the questions that come up. She has a knack for rephrasing someone’s question to ensure she understands their angle and can quickly and appropriately answer, even when out of left field. Similarly, Tammy is very tactful and can “table” questions or conversations that don’t need to take up workshop/training time, without offending anyone. When working with a large school staff, this particular skill is so helpful to ensure our time together is being put to the best use and that we are staying on task.”

“We have also had Tammy lead parent education events, such as Montessori 101. Parents who attended her presentation walked away with new insights, new appreciation, and renewed enthusiasm for all that Montessori has to offer.”


ClassrooMechanics consultation services are highly customizable, so pricing varies depending on what you want to accomplish.  Contact us to discuss your needs and we will write a proposal tailored to the results you want to achieve.

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