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Self-Regulation: Who Needs It?

Is Self-Regulation Another Neuromyth?   “Famed impulse control ‘Marshmallow Test’ fails in new research” reads the headline.  On June 1, 2018, a number of media…

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Are You a Montessori Mentor?

After 28 years in Montessori, in which I have held nearly every type of position, including assistant, lead guide, mentor, school administrator, teacher trainer, and…

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Reframe Your Approach to Peace

I’ll never forget the wonder I experienced during my 3-6 training when learning about Montessori education as a means of creating world peace.  The idea…

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U is for Undoing

U is for Undoing Uncovers Misconceptions

Sometimes the process of learning involves unlearning mistaken understandings and correcting misconceptions.     Undoing Errors May be Less Necessary in Montessori   Montessori environments…

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R is for Rewards

R is for Rewards Recoil Learning

Rewards can shape behavior by providing incentives for performing certain behaviors.  Use of extrinsic rewards, such as money, gold stars, or candy, can have unintended…

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O is for Observation

O is for Observation Occurs Naturally

Learning by watching others is called observational learning, something every Montessori practitioner experiences every day!   Observation Through Millennia   People can often learn a…

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N is for Norms

N is for Norms Enable Learning

Norms are the unwritten rules and behaviors that govern social settings and interactions, such as raising your hand to get the teacher’s attention.  Establishing classroom…

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Feedback Title

Feedback Fixes Mindsets

Feedback is about more than self-correcting materials   Receiving feedback about one’s work is important for knowing what still needs to be learned and how…

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