Montessori Parent Infographic Packet


This set of graphic handouts provides high-impact visual displays of important Montessori concepts and practices as well as parent-child interaction tools for use at home. They are designed to provide parents with a tips for implementing Montessori concepts in the home to encourage their child’s independence and agency as well as synchronize practices with those being used at school. They also provide a stable foundation for the development of self-regulation and executive function, and the consistency with school practices helps ground the child.

NOTE: The Packet contains 8 high quality PDF files for you to print + 5 Bonus files.  For best results, use card stock weight paper.

For more information, including tips for use and to see examples of the infographics, visit the Professional Development Infographics Landing Page.



Parent Pack Contents:

  • 5 Steps to Respectfully Redirect Children

  • 5 Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job

  • 5 Alternatives to Saying Good Job

  • Classroom Observation Guidelines for Visitors

  • Survival Guide for Families New to Montessori

  • Montessori Spiral Curriculum

  • What You Can Do to Support Your Child at Home

  • 8 Tips for Effective School Communication

Bonus Infographics

  • 5 Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job

  • 5 Alternatives to Saying Good Job

  • Using Infograpics Tip#1

  • Using Infograpics Tip#2

  • Using Infograpics Tip#3